Grief Counseling

If you turn your face towards the sun, your shadow will fall behind you – Walt Whitman

Grief knows many forms 

You may grieve because you lost someone dear to you. Grieve because your partner or parent does not recognize you anymore because of Alzheimers. The loss of a job or retirement, a divorce, moving to a new country, leaving friends and family behind, even the loss of a pet can have a huge impact on your life. 

In the beginning you feel paralyzed. You have lots of support from the people around you. But after a few months people move on with their own lives and everything becomes quiet. For you, the stillness is deafening. You are still grieving. Or maybe you thought you had moved on with your life and suddenly, years later, it still hits you hard. It is never too late to ask for guidance. 

Grief process

When a person is grieving, the most important thing is to be listened to. To be understood and heard. I will lovingly guide you through this process. Whether your loss is recent or happened years ago, I would like to guide you in dealing with your loss and help you move forward in your life. 

A session is never the same. Gieving is not a linear process. Together we will look at what you need at that moment.