All zoomed out?

Here we go again, lockdown number…

And again we are in lockdown. How does that impact you emotionally?

Social isolation or lack of social contact, can make you feel:

  • stressed
  • depressed
  • lonely

You start to take less care of yourself and your motivation to work is getting less as well. You take your frustration out on your environment. Maybe you feel misunderstood, tired and not interested in anything. It can even make you feel angry. All very normal reactions.

But hey, what can you do?

Online conversations with friends, family and colleagues were alright in the beginning, but nothing beats being physically together.

Many vulnerable people who try to dispel their loneliness with volunteer work have suddenly lost their way to feel wanted and meaningful.

What can you do to stay mentally fit?

Walking in nature. You don’t have to go out alone. You could ask a friend to come walking with you. Exercise is super important but maybe you don’t know anyone who would like to join you? Here’s a tip for you. In the Netherlands we have an online community called NextDoor where it is easy to place a request. And it is free. This way you get to know new people in the neighbourhood as well.

Make sure you eat healthy. If you are living on your own, why not invite someone to eat with. You could maybe get together twice a week and cook for each other. It sure beats eating alone!

Try to call someone everyday and if possible try to meet up with them, even if it is for half an hour and a cup of coffee.

Ask for help

Do you need to talk but not online?

Book a walking counseling session. We meet at the beach or a park and you can vent your frustrations.

You immediately kill two birds with one stone. You work on your mental health and your physical health!