My Story

You don’t have to do it alone


My own story 

Because of my father’s work, I spent a large part of my youth abroad, moving around regularly. It was an amazing time that I would not have wanted to miss in the world. It also taught me to be flexible, in saying goodbye and making new friends. But nothing prepared me for having to say goodbye twice to a partner I had expected to grow old with. I became a widow at 34 and again at 54 after which I also lost my job. I was faced with a multiple bereavement process. 

Nevertheless, I am positive and optimistic in life. I like to sing, although I do it best in the shower, I love animals and music. I like going to a terrace or to a concert, and I’m on the edge of my seat watching a Formula 1 race.

Volunteer work

In addition, I have been doing energy work, Reiki, for more than 20 years, and I have done volunteer work at, the Ronald McDonald House VUmc Amsterdam, Magentazorg Heerhugowaard and asylum seekers centers in Haarlem and Heerhugowaard.


Holistic approach

I have learned to look differently at loss. I came out stronger and realized that I wanted to use my own experiences to support others. I take a holistic approach combined with systemic work. I studied griefcounseling at De Roestenburgh and energetic therapy at Centrum Puur. I am a Reiki master as well and qualified to teach.

Would you like to know if I can be of assistance to you? An introductory meeting is always without obligation and free of charge. You are welcome in my practice or online.

Henriëtte – Grief Counselor