Disinfection system

The practice is equipped with an air disinfection system. This allows bacteria, viruses and fungi in the ambient air to be quickly and easily eliminated without the use of chemicals. The system works by means of UV-C air disinfection and generates an active airflow along the UV-C lamps built into the device.

The housing prevents harmful UV-C radiation from penetrating to the outside, so the air disinfection device can also be used during normal opening hours in waiting rooms, treatment rooms, schools and public facilities. The continuous disinfection of the ambient air reduces the risk of infections and thus contributes significantly to breaking possible chains of infection.

Creative Workshop Memory box on October 17th 2021 12:00 – 16:00

Have you lost someone close to you? Cherish fond memories in your own personal keepsake box. By creating a memory box you are busy connecting with the person you lost. During the workshop you have the opportunity to connect with other people who have also lost someone, in a safe and warm environment. To find recognition with each other, but above all to commemorate the beautiful memories. Children are also welcome to participate.

You could also make the box for someone else. For example, for a grandchild to safe keep fond memories of a grandparent. At the end of the afternoon you will receive a small gift.

Price € 55.00 including materials, drinks and sweets.

You can sign up at

Number of places: minimum 2, maximum 4 people

Receive 10% discount on an AromaTouch Technique massage. Enjoy a wonderful relaxing massage with the use of pure essential oils from DoTerra, The oils that are used in this technique have been chosen for their individual and combined aromatic properties. Offer expires October 1st.