1 single consultation

Book 1 appointment for:
grief counseling or stress counseling

€ 65 incl. VAT

Package of 3 appointments

Book 3 appointments for:
grief counseling or stress counseling

€ 180,00 incl. VAT

Package of 5 appointments

Book 5 appointments for:
grief counseling or stress counseling.

€ 250 incl. VAT

Introductory appointment

An introductory meeting is to see if there is a connection between client and counselor. Processing a loss is an intimate process and therefore deserves a safe environment to work with.

Outdoor/walking counseling

During a walk outside in nature, we discuss the issues that keep you awake, to gain new insights that will help you further.

€ 60 incl. VAT

Intuitive Grief massage

Grief gets stuck in your body. Enjoy the combination of massage and healing to heal and bring back balance between body and mind.

€50 incl. VAT

AromaTouch Technique

Book an AromaTouch Technique massage. The use of pure essential oils by DoTerra create a wonderful welness experience.

€ 60 incl. VAT

Reiki treatment

Relax and experience the positive effects of a Reiki treatment. The session lasts 1 hour.

€ 60 incl. VAT

Appointments take place in my practice. If you live too far away or for some other reason, cannot come to the practice for grief counseling or stress counseling, online appointments are possible by request.