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What impact do animals have on our health

World animal day

Today is October the 4th. World Animal Day. The anniversary of the death of Francis of Assisi. Patron of the poor, the sick, nature and animals.

Animals mean a lot to us. They can mirror us, sense when you are sad, when you are sick, they comfort you and can even warn you in case of danger.

The role of animals and our health

Animals are gratefully used in hospitals and nursing homes. When you are sick you can sometimes feel quite lonely. When you get a visit from an animal it brings a smile to your face. Some joy and comfort. Animals can have a positive effect on people. Stroking an animal calms you down, and it lowers your blood pressure.

Dogs have a special role when it comes to human health. Dogs can be used as assistance dogs, they can detect colon cancer, missing persons. They sense when someone is about to have a seizure.

Children with autism also experience less stress when they have a pet.

Grieving a pet

The loss of an animal can therefore have a significant impact. Whether you have a pet for fun, because you feel lonely, or because you need help. Losing your best buddy hurts.