Life Loss and grief


“Keep on knocking
’til the joy inside opens a window
to look and see who’s there”
– Rumi

Feeling your emotions

When a loved one dies, you die a little with them. Especially in the initial period it is almost impossible to feel joy. Every now and then we catch a glimpse of joy, thankful that it’s still there, or maybe you feel guilty about it.

Experiencing a heavy loss can make it difficult to get to your real emotions, your feelings. Partly out of self-protection, especially in the initial period, but eventually the zest for life must be felt again. Really felt, deep inside you!

Small sparks op hope

But how do you know whether you really feel that zest for life, that joy, deep inside? It is an intense urge for life. A joy for the smallest beautiful things in life. An unexpected special conversation with a stranger. A cup of coffee in the sun that you enjoy intensely and that gives you a warm feeling inside. The beauty of nature. That you can feel genuinely happy when you see someone laughing out of pure joy.

Life. Being able to have fun with friends, enjoy art, music. Being able to share it. (Unfortunately, we currently live in a bizarre situation that does not make this possible for everyone. There is also a lot of mourning here too, but that is for another blog. If you want to talk about this… everyone is welcome in my practice.)

Do you find it difficult to connect to this feeling? Are there times, when you can feel that joy? I sometimes experience it very intensely, during a movie or documentary. That you get tears in your eyes, when you see someone very happy. Not from sadness but because you can feel that same joy.

Balance between thinking and feeling

It is sometimes quite difficult to really get to your feelings. We are often in our head and confuse it with our feelings. Our mind likes to play games with us. It is therefore important that the balance between thinking and feeling, is restored.