Loss and grief

Why I choose to take a multidisciplinary approach

Every person is unique

How nice it would be, if dealing with loss had a step-by-step plan. A list of steps you can check off. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work that way.

In addition, every person is unique. Every person has his own (wise) way of dealing with grief. You can’t tell anyone how to do it.

Every human being is also more than just his mind. By paying attention, not only to your thinking, but also to your body and soul, you can truly heal yourself. That is why I believe in a multidisciplinary approach.

Are you an emotional person?

“I’m not really an emotional person”, I sometimes hear people say. Is that true? Are there really people who have no feeling at all? Everyone has feelings and emotions. Only one person can maybe access his feelings better than the other. This has to do with upbringing or other circumstances where the pain feels so great that it was/is safer to hide the feeling deep inside you where it can’t hurt (but it still does). Feelings and emotions can be very frightening to some people.

Unprocessed grief seeks a way out

When feelings and emotions are ignored, they get stuck in your body. Then you can suddenly get ill. For example, you may get back problems. Maybe you’re experiencing panic attacks or palpitations, or worse. It may well be that you do not link it directly to, bottled up, sadness. Are you afraid to face your pain?

Many complaints can of course have a different cause, so always consult your doctor first.

Is it caused by stress, grief? That’s where my multidisciplinary approach comes into play.

Which multidisciplinary tools can be used?

Below is a selection of multidisciplinary tools that can be used in a trajectory. Of course, this is always done in consultation with you.


There are various methods to bring someone in touch with their feelings. One of them is meditation, for example.

But meditation is not for everyone. I myself, find a short meditation of a few minutes still doable, but a longer meditation in which I have my eyes closed, brings me into a state of panic. For me, there is still a bit of trauma behind this, so I keep my eyes open while meditating or I use another form of meditation that feels safe.

It is therefore important to look at which form of meditation feels good for you.


During a healing you lie on the massage table with a warm blanket around you while you receive a healing. Most of us have forgotten that we too, are a part of nature. We too are energy. A healing activates your own energy to do its work and bring your body and mind into balance. All kinds of emotions can be released during and after a healing. Your body will start to heal itself. And that’s exactly what we want.

Emotional Freedom Technique

Emotional Freedom Technique or EFT, is an easy-to-learn tool to achieve quick results with, for example, anxious thoughts. I myself apply it when I have to fly against my fear of flying. But this tool can be used very widely. Guilt, inferiority complexes, fears.

Transformation Coaching

Transformation coaching works on a mental, physical, emotional level as well as on the energetic level. While working with transformation coaching, we always go a layer deeper into your subconscious. This allows you to touch deeper and deeper layers within yourself and remove blockages. If you always want to move away from the pain, then this is a beautiful and powerful tool to work with.


We tend to live on autopilot. Often we don’t even notice that. This can result in you, suddenly, having a panic attack or all of a sudden you feel very gloomy and tired but you have no idea why.

There are various exercises that you can do, to make you aware of your feelings and, by looking at them and acknowledging them, you can quickly intervene to improve the situation.

Get a massage

A massage brings you back into contact with your body and your feelings/emotions. When these are combined with essential oils, it takes on an even deeper dimension. Balance between body and mind.

The effect of a massage always continues to work for a few days after, and it is not strange if more emotions are being released. Let them come, it literally gives you air.

A grief massage is very nice if you are not yet ready to talk about your loss but still seek comfort.

For everything, what we discuss remains private. Ethics and hygiene are self-evident. I do not give medical and erotic massages.

Need guidance?

By taking a multidisciplinary approach, I can give you the support that is specifically tailored to you. Would you like to take steps in processing your grief? Make an appointment, I will be happy to guide you.